Where Our Story Begins 

Dennis (Daddy)

Husband, Father, Software Engineer

Loves: Family, Friends & iPhone

Likes: traveling, technology & baking

Dislikes: shopping & crowds

Kristina (Mama)

Wife, Mother, Teacher 

Loves: Family, Friends & Photography

Likes: gardening, cooking & traveling

Dislikes: snakes, roller coasters & laundry 

William Bei Er ("Bear")

Son, Borther, Tender Heart

Loves: Food! Food! Food!  

Likes: climbing, clothes & computers

Dislikes: turtles, going bye-bye and naps

Nola Rose ("Rosie")

Daughter, Sister, Sweetheart 

Loves: Granny, swimming, Disney World & berries

Likes: kittens, boots & things that fit in her pocket

Dislikes: spiders, bugs & roasted chicken

Jack Lucas ("Jack-Jack")

Son, Brother, Comedian 

Loves: Rosie, brownies & big trucks

Likes: zoo, listening to stories & water

Dislikes: wearing clothes & casseroles

Katherine Hui Jia ("Kate")

Daughter, Sister, Dimpled Darling 

Loves: food, bathtime & dolls

Likes: playing outside & going bye-bye

Dislikes: having her picture taken (yikes)

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”
— -Elizabeth Stone