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Windmills: The Netherlands

Windmills: The Netherlands

I don't know about you, but when I think of The Netherlands, windmills come to mind.  We ended up here....

Zaanse Schans.   It is a quick bus ride from Amsterdam Central Station and entrance is free. 

There is a trick to this, though.

You will want to arrive before opening to avoid thousands of tourists. 

Sweet, Dennis. 

He goes with the flow when he knows I have an image in my mind I want to capture. 

It typically means one early wake-up while we are traveling.  

Which isn't a problem because of jet lag and....

It sure beats killing time in a hotel room.  

It was actually freezing on this morning.  

Which made everything a tad more peaceful.  

Looking back, this was just our second morning in Amsterdam.  

And I was quickly falling in love.  

Can you blame me though? Windmills!  Need I say more?

Flowers, Biking, The Sea & A Scarf

Flowers, Biking, The Sea & A Scarf