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Tower Of London and The Bridge


I love history -- especially the history of England.

A visit to The Tower of London was at the top of my list. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was, knowing that it was the home of so many cruel and unusual acts of punishment. 

I was skeptical of the "Beefeater Tour" but it turned out to be fantastically funny and informational.  If given the chance, take the free tour -- it will be worth your time. 

But my favorite part?  Once you get past the serious fella's in red, you are treated to a view of the crown jewels. I have never seen more diamonds, pearls or precious gems in my entire life.  I'm not a jewelry fan but loved the stories behind certain pieces. 

Leaving The Tower, you are treated to a magnificent view of "the bridge." 

Often confused for The London Bridge, The Tower Bridge is worth a look.

It maks for a wonderful walk.  

Dennis and I shared a drink as we strolled across. 

Soaking in the details.  Ah-details.  They kinda make a trip, don't they?