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Budapest, Hungary: Part I

Budapest, Hungary: Part I


Rumored to be one of the greatest cities of the world. 

I wasn't sure what to expect. 

The truth is, I got little a bit lazy in my research.

And knew that I just had a handful of must-dos --

that would be covered by a great city tour. 

Now this is something worth chatting about. 

The Baths. 

Locals and tourists alike flock to the baths for their "healing properties."  This is a view from a window, as carrying my camera into the pool area could be seen as distasteful.  Dennis and I did try the baths and chose to claim a spot in another, less crowded, area of the spa.  I will let you know if the healing properties magically cured my thyroid problem. Stay tuned!

After our visit to the baths --

We made our way across town.

For a history lesson.

And a leisurely walk. 

That walk took us here. 

Please note that it could also be reached by public transportation if you simply put too many miles on your precious tootsies.

Oh, My! The Parliament Building!  One of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

Come to think of it.  Hungary boasts one the most beautiful opera houses, too.  

Budapest, Hungary: Part II

Budapest, Hungary: Part II

Eger, Hungary: Market, School & Wine Tasting

Eger, Hungary: Market, School & Wine Tasting