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Indianapolis Museum of Art: Holiday Crafts

Indianapolis Museum of Art: Holiday Crafts

We headed out to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for their Holiday Craft Day!  

The place was swamped.  

Dennis, not a fan of big crowds, took the camera and sent me in! 

It's unusual for me to not be the one taking family photographs.  My gut instinct was to say no.  My hair was a mess.  And I skipped on the makeup. 

But I know that my kids don't care about things like that.  Plus, I need to be in some photographs or they may look back on their childhood and wonder where in the world I was! 

The littles chose to make coffee cups.  

With some very messy paint pens. 

Although I wasn't officially keeping track --

I noticed that all four of my beloved children made a cup for their dad.  

Dennis thought this was fabulous.  

And failed to rally by my side when I asked if anyone wanted to make a cup that said "mom."  

I didn't come home with a cup.  

But did my best --

to grin and bare it as Dennis bragged on his cups the remainder of the session.  

For the record, I cleaned house in the wooden reindeer department.  I also took home 4 felt poinsettias.  Take that, Daddy!  Bam! 

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