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Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge


Windsor Castle.  

One of my all time favorites in the world. 

On this occasion, the queen was home.   

I love the bridges. 



And Soilders.   

All the things that make a castle...a castle. 

Bath, England. 

Famous for the, ummm.....baths.  

And their legendary healing properties. 

Before moving on, I must share the next two photos.  They could possible be my two favorite from the entire trip. I love the two ladies on the bottom....they are clearly engaged in a conversation with each other.  Now, look up at the balcony.  

And this!  Oh, my heart!  Same hand. Same stance. Same single finger.  They have to be best friends or sisters. I wish I knew these two because I would love to pass this treasure on.  


Mighty old....

And super spectacular.  Take that bucket list!