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Trick Or Treat 2016

Trick Or Treat 2016


The perfect opportunity to --

snag a wall worthy photo!  Or, maybe not. 

Here's the thing about kids in costumes.  

The last thing they want to do is pose for a picture. 

They have their mind on candy.  

And staying up well past their bedtimes.  

In fact, the candy/late bedtime combo makes them a bit crazy.  

So, we just go with it. 

Knowing that one day --

We will use the pictures to embarrass them.  Case in point: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Yes, she is still adorable.  But I have a feeling these little gems will make an appearance in high school.  

We Trick-Or-Treat with our beloved Robbie every year.  She is always our first stop. 

She should be our only stop because she gives out candy like my Grandma.  Way. Too. Much. 

In fact, it sets the tone for the entire evening.  

As much as we love starting the night at Robin's house, we have just as much fun ending at Mr. Kelley's.  His wife is very strict -- Mrs. Kelley has a one piece rule.  But after she steps inside, he looks back to make sure she is gone, and then loads the kids up to high heavens!  He has been doing it for eight years! It's the highlight of my evening.

Halloween.  It sure is sweet with my little monsters. 

Indianapolis Museum of Art: Holiday Crafts

Indianapolis Museum of Art: Holiday Crafts

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