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The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds

You've heard about them -- and so have I.  

The Cotswolds.  

Dreamy little villages that dot the English countryside. 

I love to blend trips...

A healthy dose of city -- mixed with a hearty dose of country.  

The Cotswolds did not disappoint.  

A few hours by train --

and you are magically in another world! 

The gardening was impressive.  

But not nearly as impressive as the thatched roofs.  Most of them well over a hundred years old. 

Beautiful gates.  

And charming churches. 

It really makes you want to throw on a sweater and put on a pair of wellies --

For a long country walk.  This area is covered in hiking paths and I hope to one day crisscross the English countryside soaking in all the feels.  

Stopping in small villages for scones and tea. 

Maybe renting a room for an overnight stay. 

And attending service in creaky little church --

With warm wood pews --

And stained glass windows. 

And after walking home --

I would stop to feed the ducks.

Only before moving on in a search to find --

The perfect place for a picnic.  

Tower Of London and The Bridge

Tower Of London and The Bridge

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