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Julian Alps & Lake Bled, Slovenia

Julian Alps & Lake Bled, Slovenia

We arrived to Lake Bled in the evening. 

Just as the sun was setting. 

We walked around the lake. 

Marveling at the plenta boats --

And dreamy chalets.

It was cool.

And romantic. 

Making a pre-dinner stroll -- 

The highlight of the evening.  

The next day we awoke to cloudy skies. 

But we could still see the magnificent turquoise water. 

It was crystal clear and begging for a swim.

After a boat ride to the church, we went for it.  We swam in Lake Bled. It was, and probably will be the greatest swim of our lives.  The clarity of the water was surreal and being surrounded by the Julian Alps only made the experience more exhilarating. 

We eventually got hungry and grabbed a snack.

Before walking around the lake one last time. 

We came across a couple of fisherman and watched as they caught a real beaut! My mind drifted to brother. 

A few minutes ahead we were treated to this view of the church...

and met the luckiest ducks in the world! 

By the time we made the 4 mile loop, we were back to the beginning just as the sun was going to bed.  Marking the end of a very special trip. 

A Couple of Barney Fifes

A Couple of Barney Fifes

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia