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It's beautiful.  

And quirky.

Wandering the streets is always a favorite....

Especially during the off hours...while everyone is still sleeping. 

The main square is bustling around the clock.

But a few blocks in either direction will give you a quieter experience --

No less charming.  This is my favorite shot from Prague. 

This is what I fell in love with. 

The city can be dreamy.  


And completely bizarre.  This is a stag party (just one of a thousand) -- a group of guys who are in town to party for the weekend.  

And although I found them amusing --

it isn't what I imagine when I think of traveling.  They get really rowdy and loud -- thanks to cheap beer.

This shot makes me smile.  These newlyweds posed quickly for me while their photographer was changing out his equipment.   Nothing says, "I love you," like a cool graffiti wall.

If you are headed to Eastern Europe --

And are considering a stop in Prague --

I think 2-3 days will be plenty.  

You can check the museums and churches off your bucket list.  

Leaving plenty of time for street performers.  

And more street performers.  

And if the weather cooperates. 

A sweet little snack as you stroll across the Charles Bridge. 

Morovian Countryside and Krakow, Poland

Morovian Countryside and Krakow, Poland

Happy 8th Birthday, Nola

Happy 8th Birthday, Nola