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Eger, Hungary: Market, School & Wine Tasting

Eger, Hungary: Market, School & Wine Tasting

Eger, Hungary.

A great place to find a market. 

And an American sporting a Hilton Head hat!  Way to represent, Dennis! 

I was in love they moment I laid eyes on her! A Hungarian Grandma with the face of an angel.

I didn't need onions.

But would purchase a bushel if it meant the opportunity to chat with this spry gal. 

Or, her cilantro selling friend next door.  It took all self-control not to hug her.  

The truth is, I didn't buy any onions or cilantro but did find the best bread I have ever eaten just off of this little street.  We do not speak Hungarian and the baker didn't speak English but we came away with a breakfast for the record books! 

After leaving the city center, we made our way to an elementary school.  

 I quickly made friends with these handsome lads. My job was to speak English and coach them as they tried their conversational skills with a "real American!"  Glad I could do my part!  

I did get a chuckle out of the research they had completed before our visit.  I loved hearing Tori read her book report. 

Technology.  Kinda?

There is something about Ol' Glory that makes me misty eyed every time I see it outside of the states.  I cried seeing it in China on the embassy grounds...and again in Hungarian classroom, where Roma children study English and are very vocal about their desire to visit America one day.

After hanging with the big kids, I found my way to the primary wing where I made friends with these kindergarteners.  We practiced reading together.  Their book of choice: Caterpillar Farm Machinery. It was fabulous! 

We ate lunch in the school cafeteria.  The gals in back served us exactly the same portion as the children: huge bowls of chicken soup, platters of goulash, a serving bowl of cherries and homemade cake.  These lunch ladies weren't messing around. I told Dennis to clean his plate because I had a feeling that we would end up in the corner for wasting food! 

From there, I did a little sneaky-peaky spying.  

The teachers were in a meeting so I popped in and snapped a few pics. 

I wondered around the hallways, meeting new friends as they passed by. 

Leaving, I realized that I had just taken part in a once in a lifetime opportunity for a teacher. 

After leaving the school, we made our way to a winery.  We were in "Bull's Blood Country."

This guy stole my heart. I was thoroughly entertained while the sommelier shared her expertise and favorite bottles. 

Although this will not come as a surprise, when offered the opportunity to dance a traditional Hungarian folk dance with a complete stranger....I jumped at the chance. 

Literally jumped.  Lots of of jumping, kicking and shouting.  It was unbelievably fun and a treasured memory of a perfect day. 

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