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The Indiana State Fair: Animals and The Midway

The Indiana State Fair: Animals and The Midway

Grandma Carolyn gifted William a family set of state fair tickets for his birthday!  

The kids love the state fair and each Trusty-Tot has their favorite.    

Nola's favorite thing is the Purdue sponsored "Pet a Calf."  It's kind of like a big playpen full of newborn calves.  For just $1, you can stay as long as you like.  

While in the cow barn, we like to take the children to the milking and grooming areas.  

Giving them a chance to get up close and personal with the guests of honor. 

We didn't make it long before it was snack time.  Turkey legs always smell amazing at the fair (and Disney for that matter) but I think it always seems so barbaric to walk around holding that massive drumstick, ripping off hunks of meat.   The truth is, Katie-Hui and Will would love it.  They are huge meat eaters, but the bigs, not so much. 

We went for a one-stop-snack shop.  The dairy barn!  

Home of ice cream.  

And Kate's favorite sandwich.  

That's grilled cinnamon raisin bread with chewy, gooey cheese.  

With tummies full we meandered through the midway.  

Kate loves this area and often asks for me to take her picture next to odd things.  

Like this Spiderman balloon.  

Oddly enough, we have never let the kids partake in any of the rides at the fair.   

It's just that we are always there so early that they are closed. 

After snaking through the midway, we arrived at our destination.  

The bunny barn.  

It's Jack's favorite and the whole family knows it.  

So, they don't complain when he wants to stay for an extended amount of time.  In fact they encourage him.  Rosie-Roo has been known to say, "Come look at this one, Jack!  You will love it!"  

The Indiana State Fair: A Family Tradition

The Indiana State Fair: A Family Tradition

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