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Rome: The Trevi Fountain & The Spanish Steps

After leaving the Pantheon, we set out on foot to find The Trevi Fountain.  

Just about 10 minutes into the hike, we came across this.  

A chic little cafe.   

With a street performer perched just feet away.  

Next to the cafe was a store specializing in all things limoncello and other little Italian goodies.

And next to the store was this lovely lady.  Somehow I know she is kind but direct. And those hands.  Can't you tell they have lived and loved hard?

A little further down the road we claimed a spot in front of The Trevi Fountain.  

Like everything in Rome (not including cars), it was huge. 

And ornate. 

And very crowded.  I tricked you, didn't I?  OK, maybe I didn't trick you but I had no idea how packed this place would be.    

After squeezing out of the fountain area, we found the Spanish Steps....and they were closed.  Sadly, this was as close as we could get.

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