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Rome: The Colosseum, The Roman Ruins & Vatican City

The Colosseum.  It's the first thing you see when you step off the subway.   I was surprised to see a major road running right next to it, hence the stoplight.  

Once inside, you can start to make out what it once was. A playground for royalty and a tricky way for an emperor to control his subjects.   

It was easy to feel for the poor people who were forced to fight or volunteered in order to earn their freedom.  These are the remains of the underground pits where people and wild animals were caged.

The Colosseum was a bucket list item for Dennis.

And he studied every detail. 

He was sincerely fascinated and I enjoyed listening to his conversation with a local historian and Coliseum expert .  

He was in the zone alright.   

And the historian enhanced the experience tenfold. 

We could both imagine what it would be like to walk across these stones.  

Climbing high into the cheap seats reserved for common people.  A place where the aisle was used a restroom and heat escalated rage and frustration.  

Watching a spectacle that was created for entertainment but somewhere, just under the surface, knowing it was wrong.  Oh, the Coliseum.  I didn't know what a political tool it was.  

A few minutes away, we made our way to The Arch of Constantine.  Along with everyone else in Rome.  

But no worries or stress.  I was able to find the beauty in the olive trees.

And the arch itself. 

How surreal to walk a path that was once walked so many years ago.  

Rome is a constant archaeological dig site. We were told that they find more artifacts than they can preserve.  So, instead of removing them from the ground, archaeologist recover them and plot them on a map.  We were able to watch part of an excavation.   


A beautiful blend of old and new. 

We ended our trip with several hours at the Vatican Museum.  We gazed upon the Sistine Chapel. Sat for a spell in Saint Peter's Basilica.  Toured the museums and came home with a blessed nativity set. Pictures?  Well, the camera was packed in my carryon ready for the flight home.  And boy, I was ready to see my babies!   

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