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Rome: Street Scenes & The Pantheon

Why take a train to the Pantheon when you can walk?

Exploring the streets is the best part of traveling for me! 

I love to see how the local people live. 

And imagine what it would be like to live there.  Don't get me wrong, I dig the long hauls in my mini-van but I wonder what it would be like to cruise into work on a baby blue scooter. 

Or hit the town in this fine machine.  Please note the size by using the compact car in front of it or the scooter next to it.  

Do you have any idea how bad I wanted Dennis to rent this car?  Where did his adventurous spirit run off to when he was politely but strongly saying NO? 

In the end, I would have settled for this green motorcycle but he wasn't budging.

We did eventually find The Pantheon.  

And we spent some time inside. Did you know that the hole at the top of the dome is open?  

When it rains, or very rarely snows, it makes it's way to the floor that was built with a primitive drain system.  Can't you imagine how magical it would be sitting in a service with snowflakes falling around.

Outside of The Pantheon, it's a bit hectic with folks trying to sell you everything from Pope figurines to roses.  They are pushy so be prepared to stand your ground and have fun while doing it!  It adds to the experience!   

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