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Football Kickoff

Football Kickoff

Are you ready for some football?

Dennis and I took Jack and Rosie to their first Colts game!  

We inherited a few "antique" jerseys and put them to use. 

Dennis and I have made an effort over the course of the last year to give the kids both individual and buddy experiences. It is healthy for their relationships and for ours.   

Just as kids do, they started fooling around.  Wet Willy anyone?

That bold move of Jack's (wet finger in his sister's ear) earned him the retaliation of a woman. 

Jack-Jack.  Take it from Mama.  If you are going to dish it out, make sure you can handle the repercussions. 

Once the game started, all silly business was put aside.  

Because we were ready to cheer.  

And our little buddy is the ultimate fan.  He cheered for whoever had the ball.  And for the cheerleaders.  Mascots. Blimp operator. And Beer Man. 

Nola was a little more selective in the cheering process. She had questions about scoring and rules.  

By the time the third quarter rolled around, we were well past bedtime.  

And my football fans were getting sleepy.  

It was time to pull out the big guns.  Cotton Candy!  

It bought us another 30 minutes before we called it a night!  

Special thanks to our "Big Kids" for being awesome dates!  You turkeys are the best!  

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