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Bear's 3rd Birthday

Bear's 3rd Birthday



Is Scared of Turtles, Llamas, and Bugs

Watches Barney, Barney and More Barney

Wants to Wear Super Hero Pajamas All Day, Every Day

Prefers Eating Meat and Vegetables Over Sweets

Loves Going to the Park and to Robbie's House

Enjoys Reading Multiple Books at Nightime


My Bear Cub.  

Isn't he the cutest!  

This little man blossomed over the course of a year. 

He is silly. 

And enjoys attention.  

All he wanted for his birthday was a purple cake. 

Purple like Barney.  His all time favorite show. 

The menu?  Big Hoffa's Barbeque!  

This man doesn't fool around when it comes to meat. 

After filling his tummy with ribs, we sang to the stuffed but happy birthday boy!  

This year was different.  He loved hearing us sing and requested more by saying, "Again! Again!"

Happy Birthday, Bear Cub!  

We are crazy about you!


Mama and Papa

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