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Bear Goes To Preschool

Bear Goes To Preschool

My baby started preschool.  Can you believe it?

He had waited for this day for almost a year as he watched Katie-Hui get on the bus.  

But this day.  This was his special day. 

My bear cub climbed the steps without hesitation. 

And turned back for one quick picture with his bus driver.   

And being completely relaxed and comfortable with number four...I raced to the school parking lot and hid behind a bench with my camera.  This is sadly true, my friends.  I hid behind a bench in front of his school.  The plan was to not be seen but I think you can tell from the photo how well that worked out.  He hesitated for a second....with a confused look on his face.

Finally, he grabbed his sister's tiny hand before walking into the school.   The end.  

Are you kidding?  I may have showed up in his classroom.  It's a small privilege of working in the same building.  

He was doing great.  

And I knew that he was right where he needed to be.  

Surrounded by friends and an amazing teacher.  

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