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Yodelers and Mountain Horns


Once we arrived in Switzerland by bus, we took this adorable little cable car high into the mountains.

Our destination?  This clap-happy little hotel. 

With charming rooms.  

And even more charming views.   

After a hearty dinner of Swiss Fondue (I can't help but smile typing that), we stepped onto the front patio for a little evening entertainment.  

Then, it happened.  One of the best nights of my life! 

I was face to face with a champion Alp Horn musician and his yodeling partner...who has won 37 European titles.  

It was amazing.  

And when they offered to give me a lesson, I nearly leapt at the chance.  

I thought I sounded spectacular but Dennis had a different opinion. He said it sounded like the calling of the orcs in The Lord of the Rings.  After watching and listening to the video he took, I dare say he is right. I was atrocious but I LOVED LOVED LOVED every single second of it!