I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Florence, Italy



And Bold. 

This is the magnificent dome of The Duomo. It is HUGE.  Shockingly HUGE.  

And these fancy-shmancy doors are know as The Gates of Paradise.  A little gem that we stumbled upon.  

They were nicknamed by a certain fellow that went by Michelangelo.

While waiting to tour the cathedral, I made friends with this guy.  He was on his lunch break and I had 1o minutes to spare.  So, there you have it. 

Before entering, I did take my time to photograph the basilica from a few different angles.  

I struggled to find a way to capture it's true size.   

The photographs just don't do it justice and Dennis and I were both baffled at the ingenuity needed to create this so many years ago.  

The inside was beautiful, too. But nothing compares to the first glance of the dome when entering Florence.   

While in the city, there was one piece of art that was a must do in my book.  DAVID!

And he did not disappoint.   

I am not an art buff and have very limited knowledge in this area, but  I do know this sculpture is in a league of it's own.  I could clearly see the difference within moments. 

Before leaving Florence, I wanted to take home a piece of street art. I watched this gentleman paint for while before deciding that I actually loved his work. 

I purchased three pieces. He even offered to paint a custom piece on the spot when I could't find exactly what I was looking for. How's that for customer service ?

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