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Hiking The Swiss Alps

About midway through the trip, we found ourself in Switzerland. 

Switzerland means adventure and... 

A bell ringing good time.  

You see, this stop was a bucket list item for me.  

Yup....hiking the Swiss Alps.  Even if it meant waking up at a ridiculous time.  

What I didn't expect were all of the little moments along the way. Like fresh yogurt along the trail.  

Or tiny villages that offered yummy treats and kitchie souvenirs. 

I did a little shopping.  

While my better half breathed in the chilly mountain air. 

We sat here for a spell.  

Before I decided I was terrified and liked it better from a distance.  

We ended up with 12 miles under our belts for the day.  

And I am certain that each mile was better than the last.   


Cut glass peaks. 

And artsie little surprises around every corner.   

Like "The Honesty Shop" in Gimmelwald.  Where you pay whatever you feel is right.  

Or the sweet little restaurant where we had lunch.  

And the watering hole where my husband had the best beer of his life.   

Yup.  It was spectacular.  Switzerland won the title of "Most Gorgeous Place in The World" in my book.  Would I go back?  In a heartbeat!  

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