I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Exploring Venice

The early bird gets the worm they say.   

And the same hold true in Venice. 

Dennis and I took off on foot for a walking tour around 6am to avoid the heat and crowds.

It was a great decision as we were able to meander through the streets without being bumped or jostled by day packers. 

It was peaceful.  

And what I imagined Venice would be. 

It was a beautiful morning to make new friends. 

Like pigeons.  

Lots and lots of pigeons. 

It turns out they are a little aggressive. 

Dennis thought it was all fun and games. 

Until he was swarmed by birds.  Then he didn't think it was so funny. 

Before heading to a different area of the city, I made some quick adjustments to my camera and chucked it to a new friend!  She snapped these treasures.  

The light was perfect. 

And the city was still asleep.  

After our mushy-gushy photo session was done, we hit the pavement once again.  

And I snapped pictures of water taxis,

and of gondoliers.  

I kind of have a thing for gondoliers.  

Also a thing for dreamy little waterways. 

Venice.  You did not disappoint! 

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