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Carnival (Mask Masking)

Remember that crazy yodeling experience in Switzerland?

Well, we ended up taking part in another fantastic opportunity in Venice. 

Mask making! 

It's a real thing.  Each evening we would see partons leaving parties and shows decked out in the finest of masks.  

They are sold everywhere in the streets but, 

The quality pieces are made by the hands of a master artisan.    

This gentleman allowed us to be part of his workshop. 

I instantly loved him.  He was funny, articulate and clearly gifted.   

It was fascinating to watch him create. 

I quickly fell under his spell and decided to thank him the best why I knew how.  

With a warm American hug and, 

photographs of his work for his portfolio.   

He let me linger in his workshop for a bit. 

It was then that I had a moment.  

The kind of moment where I ask myself, "Is this real?"  

I giggled realizing that I just took part in a mask making workshop in Venice!  Pinch Me! 

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