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The Louvre & Uffizi Gallery

Four days into the trip, I was still without luggage but unwavering in my enthusiasm.  We had an entire day planned of museums, galleries and monuments.

 Just a few blocks from our hotel was The Arc De Triomphe.  We walked past it a dozen times in just a few days and each glimpse produced a ridiculous "I am in Paris" grin.  

Dome Des Invalides and her magnificent golden top seemed peaceful in the early morning hours. 

It could be me, but I am pretty certain the pigeons are more chic in Paris.  This feathered friend caught my attention in the courtyard of The Palais Royal.

While I was poking around the gardens..... 

 Dennis was working on a plan for the afternoon and evening.

Such a pretty courtyard....love. 

As we left The Palais Royal for The Louvre, we passed this street performer.  What caught my attention were the wheels on the piano.  Can you imagine pulling this beast through the streets of Paris?  He deserves a tip for ingenuity and brute strength.  

Ahh....the famous pyramid of The Louvre. I had no idea that it was the actual entry. You purchase tickets inside the pyramid before hopping on an escalator into the lower levels.    

Walking the long halls, I found all sorts of magnificent things.....

Including my favorite, THE WINGED VICTORY.  

And my not-so-favorite "Mona Lisa."  Say what you want, I am not sold.  

Now Venus De Milo, she was a beaut.  

And this Sphinx...gargantuan in size. 

After a few hours at The Louvre, I was toast.  I needed food and fresh air.  So, we strolled across town for sandwiches and used our museum pass (an absolute must for Paris) to tackle Musée D'Orsay.  

Oh my.  It turned out to be my all time favorite museum on the trip.  Three cheers for Monet and Van Gough! 

After leaving Musée D'Orsay, we made our way to Paris' famous LOVE LOCK BRIDGE!  

I wanted to see it and the dozens of the sweethearts throwing their keys into The Seine. As I was shooting, my love was digging around in his bag.    

Because my guy had a lock engraved back home and traveled across the world with it in his luggage (enter lovey-dovey tears).   

Just as we kissed our key and were about to send it over the bridge, I noticed movement underneath us.  I yelled WAIT just as we were about to release the key.  Dennis froze.  It turns out there was a massive barge of dirt passing underneath us and our key almost landed smack-dab in the middle of it.  We doubled over in pure hysterics along with other patrons turning our sweet moment into an epic one.   


Street Scenes