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Montmartre.  The artist district of Paris.  

Once home to some of the greatest of all time (Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Degas, etc.), it continues to be a landing zone to an eclectic crowd. 

As we meandered through the streets, we ran into a new friend!  Brian!  I know. I know.  He looks like a local.  But this is no Parisian boy.  He's from Minneapolis and one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life.  He and his wife Susan should take their show on the road!  Dennis and I are looking forward to seeing them again soon.  

After a cheese crepe, we hit the cobblestone in search of the perfect piece of art.  

I didn't find it in this shop, but loved talking with the owner.  He was knowledge and very friendly. Our buddies (Susan and Brian) found the perfect piece for their home.  It was modern and sophisticated....just like them.  

On a mission to find a piece of art...and to discover the best macaroon in the city, I did stop here.  

They had the most delicate little biscuits on the planet.   

And these chocolate balls that made my heart go pitter-patter.  

Strolling back down the hills of Montmartre, I did find the perfect piece of art.  Well, I actually found two. Both painted by a man on the street named Julious. He had worked on it most of the day and I passed him twice as added details to the canvas. He was a mess.  Hair askew, fingers covered in paint and shoes splattered from countless creations. Julious was charming, articulate and I quickly developed a sweet spot for a man old enough to be my grandfather.  Even Dennis was smitten with him, thus purchasing a second piece for his office.    

Just before hailing a cab back to the heart of the city, I stumbled upon a local jewelry store.  Two sisters hammering out silver...what's not to love.  I found a few treasures and tucked them into my bag, as our last night in Paris was coming to an end.  What great souvenirs to take back to the states.  

Burgundy, France

The Louvre & Uffizi Gallery