I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Beaune, France

If I could live anywhere in France, it would be Beaune.   

With it's sleepy little streets...

and patriotic sense of style.  

Our hotel was a welcome surprise.  

Family run, where the owner carries your luggage to and from your room and makes breakfast in the morning.  

This sleepy little town is known for three things....WINE, MARKETS & HOSPICE    

Bet that last one threw you for a loop.  

Beaune is often considered the birthplace of hospice. 

We toured the hospital (now a museum) with the help of an audio guide.

It was surprisingly ornate...

and very colorful.   

No detail overlooked, I am sure it was a sight to behold in 1443.  

Now the town of Beaune.  It was immaculate. 

From storefront windows....

To flower lined streets.  

Enjoyable cafes...

to the corner brasserie.

Everything was walkable, including the local pizza dive...

only found by criss crossing little alleys.  

Colorful facades 

and even more vibrant landscaping.  

I'm not joking folks. 

I could live in this dreamy little piece of heaven.  

Until I make the big move, the sight of a Beaune made market basket placed on my nightstand will have to take me there.  Or the scent of Nuxe oil, which I now regularly wear.  

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