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Parisian Markets

I love open air markets and was thrilled when we stumbled upon this little beauty a few blocks from the hotel.  

I love watching people do their daily shopping.  

And think of how different it is from home.  Yes, we have markets.  

But we don't go everyday.  Here in Indy, it seems to be a Saturday kind of thing.  

The streets are lined with baked goods.  

And all sorts of edible art.  

I noticed these little "Paul" popups everywhere, dotted in every market and street corner. It's a fun place to grab a fast meal.  

I think what impressed me the most was the amount of care and detail that went into selecting the goods.  For example, if you wanted buy fish or a fresh melon, the owner would ask you what day you planned to eat it.  Then he or she would methodically inspect each item for you...making the final perfect selection.  

Dennis and I would grab fresh fruit for the day and sometimes a baguette and cheese. 

But my favorite was the local honey.  I spooned it into yogurt and onto toast almost every morning.  If it wasn't so darn heavy I may have loaded my suitcase full.     


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