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Ferrara and The Heart of Tuscany


An unexpected surprise.  

With it's castle, mote and medieval past, what was not to love?

It is rumored to be the biking capitol of Italy.  

And after several minutes of people watching, I would be willing to bet on it.  That is, if I was a betting lady.  That I am not.  

Boy! Parking was a bear at the bank on this specific day.   

After leaving Ferrara, we made our way into the heart of Tuscany.  This Villa became our home away from home.  

It was a quiet place to relax. 

And a fabulous place to soak in the fruit orchards, vineyards, and olive groves.

The house was bursting with color. 

Making it picture book worthy. 

Do you see the lantern at the top of photo?  It hangs over the wood door that led to our room. 

On one special evening we were able to take part in a cooking lesson.   

She was the real deal.  Strong. Proud. Italian.

And she had no reservation when it came to calories.  My granny would have loved her!   

After our cooking lesson, we learned how to make biscotti.  It was surprisingly simple and oh, so delicious.  

That night we ate under the stars.  Fireflies flickering with twinkling lights strung in the trees.  A special surprise...a live musician.  I have no idea what he was singing but Dennis and I danced all night long.  

Florence, Italy

Carnival (Mask Masking)