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The City Of Light

I'm not sure I have ever anticipated a trip as much as this.  A surprise months in the making with so much love and detail, I am not sure it could ever be topped.  

Dennis and I arrived in Paris to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  Much to our dismay, our luggage did not.  This was actually the first time this has ever happened to us and I was quite calm considering the only thing I carried on was a backpack with a change of clothes and a formal dress!  There could be worse things than buying new clothes in Paris.  

Our first stop was The Palace of Versailles.     

I'm not sure it was ever on Dennis' bucket list, but I am humored by Marie Antoinette thus the attraction.  

On the day we arrived, they were setting up for a wedding!  I literally looked at Dennis and said, "Who gets married at the Palace of Versailles?" 

 On this day it was a very happy Chinese couple.  

The hallways are long and filled with priceless pieces of art.  I mean truthfully....a monkey riding a goat.  Need I say more?  

And the statues....more than I could count.  

The Hall of Mirrors is probably the most well known section of the palace.  

Opulent. Beautiful. And really crowded even on a low attendance day. 

What surprised Dennis and I the most were the grounds.  

Approximately 800 hectares in size, we walked for over 5 hours and didn't cover a mere fraction.   

It's a good thing there were plenty of gelato stands dotting the property.  

Would I recommend a visit to The Palace of Versailles?  You bet!  I loved it so much that it will be a redo on my next Parisian adventure.   

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