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Rome: The Capitoline Museum


The big finale to a trip of a lifetime. 

We started at The Capitoline Museum.  

And we were instantly impressed. 

My favorite was this fellow.  Marcus Aurelius.  

Impressive to say the least. 

We also used this museum visit to orient ourselves with the ruins.   

From the balcony we could make out the top of the Colosseum.   

Inside, we were treated to impeccable displays....

of busts. 

I love the way the light was hitting them, making them a joy to photograph.

The museum was stunning with thoughtful detail. 

Outside of the museum, life was happening.  As it turns out "The last one to the top is a rotten egg!" is a universal phrase for a race!  These high school girls were bored out of their mind on the field trip and this was the happiest that I had seen them all day.  

Just on the other side of this street is the Colosseum.  I love how the locals whisk by without giving it thought,  much like the cornfield in my own backyard. I guess you can become used to just about anything!   

Rome: Street Scenes & The Pantheon

Florence, Italy