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Of Course I Do!

Ya'll are going to need a little background history to truly understand this post.  Fifteen years ago Dennis and I eloped!  With just a handful of people in on our secret, we flew to Jamaica 3 days after graduating college.  We love our story, how it unfolded, and everything about the day.  Well, maybe not everything.  The photography was just so-so but truly the best we could afford at the ripe old ages of 21 and 22.  Dennis once asked me if I would change anything about our wedding day.  Thinking about his question I answered, "I wish we had better pictures because I don't think they truly captured the the day. Oh, and maybe professional hair and makeup."

Fast forward 15 years.  My cute boy told me that I would need a cocktail dress for an event at The Louvre and I happily obliged.  This mom of 4 and kindergarten teacher rarely breaks uniform: slacks and a cardigan twinset. I found a tasteful little number at Saks, bought him a matching tie and called it a day.      

When a lovely gal named Anissa rang the doorbell at The Raphael a few days later, I knew it was going to be a special day.  We had the best visit and I adored her instantly.  She loved hearing about our children and in return I loved hearing about her favorite things in Paris.  Somewhere in the conversation she told me that she was booked solid for the day.  When I asked where she was headed next she said, "Oh, I am headed over the the Chanel set. We have a shoot today."  She went on to share WHO she was styling and the rest of the conversation resembled 2 giggling girls at a slumber party.  Every once in a while Dennis would pass us moving about the suite and smile.

A bit later we were picked up by a chauffeured car and taken to a park.   

We snuggled for a bit.      

Before making our way to that special event at The Louvre. 

Our special event!

I couldn't keep from smiling.....I was having one of those out of body experiences. The kind where you think, "this couldn't possibly be happening right now."  

It was perfectly quiet.  

And perfectly right.  

Just down the street from The Louvre is a dreamy little cafe. 

Where my handsome date bought me hot chocolate with a swirly foam heart on top. 

He had an espresso...much stronger and not so fru-fru.       

Then this happened.  

And I could't help but think....  

I would marry him every day for the rest of my life if given the chance.   

Photo Credit: French Grey Photography 

Parisian Markets

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