I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Nola's 7th Birthday


Wants to be an Engineer

Skinny Legs & Toothless Grin

Goes by Rosie, Roo or Peanut

Best Friend to Stella, Gerry and Jack

Eater of Pancakes, Tortilla Soup and Biscuits & Gravy

Plays with American Girl Dolls and Studies Tae Kwon Do

Hobbies Include Building Robots with Dad & Lego Creations



Celebrating this girl warms my heart.  My Rosie recently turned turned 7 and was quick to help with the party planning this year.  

She did her own online research and decided that a kitty themed party was exactly what she needed.

 She didn't mind what flavor her cake was....as log as it had a "big tail and whiskers."  

It's hard to believe that this girl is 7.   

The one who made me a mama.   

Our Rosie is shy.  

With just a touch of silliness.  Making this buttercup a perfect fit for our family.    

With presents unwrapped and tummies full of cake, we had a few surprise guests join us for the afternoon!   

With the help of dear family friends, we hosted a few foster kitties who are waiting for homes.  The children (ok..and the adults, too) loved snuggling on these little fellas.  Tired kids + Tired Kitties = Awesome Celebration.

Rosie, we love you crazy big!  

-Mama and Daddy 


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