I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Jack's 5th Birthday



Thinks girls are a mystery

Lover of animals, butterflies and bugs

Goes by Jack-Jack, Mr. Handsome & Knuckle Head Fred

Eater of "Jack's Favorite Chicken," Hamburgers & Meat Loaf

Studies Tae Kwon Do and Anything on Animal Planet

Wants to be Super Hero or Monster Truck Driver

Deep Thinker & Big Stinker


Oh this boy.  I am crazy for him. 

Jack is a mover, shaker....

And quite the heart breaker!  

The smallest of surprises thrill him.   He makes this exact same face when offered a pb&j sandwich.  

Jack loves his siblings.

Even when their help isn't very helpful at all. 

My sweet boy.  Here's hoping all your wishes come true.   

Love you more than Legos!  And according to you, that's huge! - Mama & Daddy

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