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Germany: Markets and Beer Gardens

Germany!  The country of my people!  Ok, maybe just the country of my great-great grandfather but there is something to be said about being so close to the village of his birth.  

We loved the street scene.   

And all of the little markets and shops that dot the center of town.  

What a difference a few hours of driving makes.  

The markets were so different compared to France. 

Heartier ingredients.  

Like mushrooms.

And eggs.   

Dense fruit replaced the berries and salad greens seen earlier in France.  

But France?  Well, they didn't have Biergartens.  

And biergartens are a cultural phenomenon.  

Trust me when I say, water is not an option unless you would like to be laughed out of the joint.  And dinner...well, you are going to have whatever the loud man behind the counter puts on your tray.  Once more, you will thank the loud man for the pork knuckle and pretzel bigger-than-your-head because the fear of honking him off is much worse than trying to eat said pork knuckle.  

Munich, Germany

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