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Well, she did it.  Our Rosie-Roo got her ears pieced a few weeks ago and it just wouldn't be right not to give this rite of passage it's fair place on the blog!

Rosie was certain that she was ready for this step and Daddy and I agreed.  So, we headed over to our local Claire's Boutique and signed the appropriate forms.   

She was quiet but unwavering as the gals "gloved up" and sterilized her ears.  

Squeezing a teddy bear, she kept her eye on the prize.  I, on the other hand, was on the verge of a panic attack.  I truly don't know why I became so anxious.  Maybe because it signified she was growing up....or maybe because I can't stand the thought of Rosie being in pain or scared.  Or maybe, just maybe, I questioned the skill of two teenagers wearing kitty ears.  Just saying. 

Well, Rosie-Roo survived. But barely.  

In fact, I think she may be scarred.   

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