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Spring Break 2016: The Keys

When the weather forecast showed heavy rain in our area, we made the decision to head for the sun!  Two hours later we were in the Florida Keys!  Bahia Honda State Park was our first stop and the kids enjoyed the playground. 

And the shallow beaches lined with mangroves.   

The weather was perfect.

And sure beat the rain back in Boca.  

These little goof balls had a blast but hungry tummies lead us to a fabulous little treasure.  

Key Largo!  

Fresh from the beach, we pulled up a table at this dockside eatery.  

Rosie ordered and ate a fried clam basket!  

And the Cub...he had a fish platter with french fries (his favorite).

Kate had a bruised ego (and mahi-mahi).  This little love flipped out of her chair after 2 warnings to sit on her bottom. 

Before leaving Key Largo, we made a pitstop for dessert.  Mrs. Mac's Kitchen!  

Several travel forums rated their Key Lime Pie as the grand champion for flavor and texture!  Knowing this, it just seemed wrong to drive by without weighing in.  

I elbowed my way in and ordered 3 pieces and 6 forks!  And yup, it's as good as they say!  In fact, it is amazing!

Loaded up and ready to continue our adventure we stopped at Robbie's in Islamorada!   

I can't help but smile when I think back on this day!  Robbie's is the recreational hub of the Keys and you can find any sort of water activity or charter in one location.  However, we weren't there for a charter.  We came for THE TARPONS.  

Just off the dock you will find a school of over 100 hungry tarpon waiting to be fed.   

Guests are welcome to buy a bucket full of feeder fish to throw to the residents.  

Never in my wildest dreams did I think all four kiddos would want to do this...but they did!  Look at the size of these "minnows."  They were stinky. They were slimy. They were huge in their own right.   

And just in case one of my littles missed their target, these 2 stooges were on standby.  

We voted as a family and Islamorada came out on top...especially the tarpon feeding.  

With just a little time left, we zipped over to Key West for dinner and sunset.  We ended up at Garbos.  Yum-O!  

With dinner under our belts, we took a quick walk down the main street.  

And enjoyed a little people watching as we made our way to the sunset pier.   

Such a fun, unplanned excursion!   You know, maybe rain isn't so bad after all!  

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