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Spring Break 2016: The Mouse & The House

This Spring Break we set out on an adventure....an 18hr road trip!  With the littles in tow, we knew we would need lots of breaks.  So, our first stop was Disney.  It was really just a place to lay our heads for the night, but we squeezed every drop of fun out of this opportunity.  The rain came in heavy and we were unable to go to Epcot for the evening as planned.  But no fear...we stayed at the Swan and Dolphin in a fireworks view suite! We had a perfect view of the festivities at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios!  The kids loved it and I can honestly say it was a splendid view.  We ordered room service from Todd English's Blue Zoo and they set up our dining table next to the window.  The kids loved drinking from wine glasses and the dinner was delicious.  What could have been disastrous turned out to be a night to remember!  

The next morning we headed out to the boardwalk for breakfast.  The children love the "Friendships!"  Will would yell, "HI BOAT!" and wave each time one would pass!   

We grabbed breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery and enjoyed a peaceful morning walking, talking and being together.   

At one point, I stepped inside the bakery to grab a handful of napkins and came out to find this sweet scene.  It was one of those "stop you in your tracks" kind of moments.  I was looking at my family from an outsiders view.  They looked beautiful.  Then I smiled when I realized how big my group looked.  Just seven years ago, Dennis and I ate breakfast at the same table but we only needed a table for two!   

Before leaving the boardwalk, the littles wanted to walk around the lake.  We happily obliged.  There was no rush.....as we are all about the journey!  

After walking around the lake, we loaded our car and headed to our house for the week.  Located on the outskirts of Boca Rotan is the second home of "The Fun Collyers."  When they extended an offer to use their home, we gladly said YES!  We spent most of the week relaxing at the pool and putzing around town.  The kids loved visiting The Gumbo Limbo nature center.  There is a sea turtle rescue unit housed there and we all enjoyed seeing the turtles.   

The littles cheered when the fish were fed. 

And the girls took their butterfly hunt very serious.  

Before leaving, we soaked in a little time down by the water.   

The Collyers recommended the Nauti-Dawg for lunch.  It was fantastic!  

And for whatever reason....

When the waitress returned with our check, there was no charge for any of the kid's meals.  And Katie, this girl ordered up big time.  She got a mani-mahi platter!   

The waitress left a little smiley face on our bill and as we walked out she said, "It was a pleasure to meet your family.  You all seem very happy."  

Thanks for the awesome compliment!  The Nauti-Dawg: Where naughty dogs and naughty kids are welcomed with open arms!   

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