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Spring Break 2016: St Augustine & Hilton Head

The journey is half the fun, so we took it slow and steady making our way up the eastern seaboard. From the Miami area we traveled north to St. Augustine. There we soaked up the scenery, skipping a planned visit to the fort for lunch and a sweet treat instead. Nasty traffic held us up a few hours and we were hungry and moving slow. We found a place called "The Dos." A darling coffee and dessert bar.    

It was just what we needed to refuel and rest.  The littles quickly made themselves at home and had fun choosing "dessert shooters!"  Key lime was their favorite.   

Then this happened!  Uptown Scratch Kitchen!   Seriously folks, if you are in the St. Augustine area, you MUST stop in for lunch.  I am not exaggerating when I say they have the best fried chicken on the planet and a philly cheesteak to die for!  The best part....the owners.  Artsy, eclectic and so stinking nice.  They went out of their way to customize dishes for the kids and came out and sat with us while we ate.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!  

From St Agustine, we continued our way north to Hilton Head!  Oh, it feels like home at this point and we quickly settled in for the week.  

I decided to take my camera to the beach just one day.

And to shoot for 15 minutes.  

I captured bikes on the beach.

And a friendly game of catch. 

There was chasing. 

And digging.  

And all kinds of faces.  Here, Kate is finding out that her brother drank her "juke box."   

We spent lots of time at the beach....and in the canals, too!  Rosie-Roo was finally old enough to kayak and loved being out on the water with Daddy!    

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