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Spring Break 2016: Arrrr Mateys

Dennis and I took our scurvy crew to hunt for treasure with the Pirates of Hilton Head!   

We boarded the Black Dagger.....

with permission from her Captain!   

Bear took a comfy spot on Daddy's lap for the voyage.  Armed with Reeses Pieces, we needed to keep him occupied for a few hours.   

With a little bit of training, they mastered pirate lingo in no time!   

Nola was chosen to raise the pirate flag.

And the hunt for treasure began!   

The children pulled what they thought was treasure from the ocean, but it turned out to be RUM!  

And rum....well, just see for yourselves.   

We got word from the captain that Stinky Pete was trying to steal our treasure, so he put the crew on the water canyons.  The were ready to blast away........

When Stinky Pete's boat took on water and he needed to abandon ship.  This part is true folks.  Stinky Pete was supposed to come along side of us and the kids were to have fun shooting him with the water canyons....all part of the production.  But on this day, the wind kicked up and his boat literally took on water.  Our sea adventure was canceled and the treasure was never hoisted from the sea.  Instead, a chest was pulled from the back of the ship and the children all took a scoop of coins and rings as we docked.  

Sure we didn't get to shoot the water canyons or hoist treasure from the sea....but we did get to do this!  

And this....this is pretty cool, too!   


Spring Break 2016: St Augustine & Hilton Head