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Monster Jam

Dennis and I stepped out of our comfort zone several weeks ago.  We went to MONSTER JAM!  

Being a teacher for several years, I have heard the boys rave about this event! It's practically the Super Bowl of kindergarten!  When it was advertised in our home town, I chatted with Dennis about it and we decided that it was something that Jack would find wildly entertaining.  

I mean what's not to love about loud trucks, dirt and concession stand food!  

Just as we predicted, Jack was in awe.  

He loved checking out the trucks.  

And eating junky, overpriced food.   

Truly, a $15 snow cone only happens on special occasions.   

And a whole day with mom and dad ALONE is a special occasion when you have 3 siblings!  

If you asked Jack what he loved about his special day, he would tell you this:

1.  Watching a truck flip and catch on fire! What is it with boys???

2.  Riding in a taxi cab.  (We hailed a cab from a restaurant when dinner ran a little long in the city.)

3. Getting a skeleton snow cone. Nothing says "macho" more than this!   

4. Riding on Daddy's shoulders into Lucas Oil stadium. 

5. Eating a WHOLE entire bag of pink and blue cotton candy! 

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