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Junie B Jones

My Rosie Roo has started reading chapter books....GASP!  In honor of her new toothless grin, we tackled Junie B. Jones: Toothless Wonder!  She loved it so much that we went to see the play at Purdue University along with my friend Julie and her daughter Meg!  On the advice of Aunt Cassie and Julie (both Purdue alum), we stopped at a local dive for lunch.  

Triple XXX.  It sounds terrible, I know, but it really is a family restaurant and was recently featured on Food Network! My sweetie took this opportunity to order pancakes and a chocolate milk.  If that doesn't set the pace for a girls date, then I don't know what would!  

After a little bit of snuggling we made our way to the play.   

She loved the silly songs and dancing.   I loved holding in my lap.   

As she quickly approaches her 7th birthday, I find myself holding her every chance I get.  Nola is growing in her independence and I know my days of holding her in my lap at performances, church and movies are limited. In fact, she rarely asks to be held these days.  It usually happens when I offer my lap to "give her a better view."   I love the young lady that she is becoming and adore this stage:  

 Toothless grin. Skinny legs. Growing Confidence. Playful Sarcasm. First Friendships. Sense of Humor.  

 I just can't believe she grew up right under my nose!  It seems like yesterday she wouldn't leave the house without Mr Greenie (her blanket) and two pacifiers!   Oh, Rosie.  My first baby.   I adore you.     

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