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Grissom Airbase and Museum

A few weeks ago, Cousin Andrea hatched a plan to get the family together in Peru, Indiana for breakfast.   I did a little leg work and found a restaurant that had a private room for 25!  Sold!  We drove in from all over the state for pancakes, hugs, and conversation.

Afterward, we decided to make a bit of a field trip of it.  We ended up at Grisssom Airbase and Museum.   

Jack was in heaven as he climbed into a jet and took the controls in his hands.  

And Frick and Frack...well, they spent lots of time in a helicopter. 

It turns out to be a little frustrating when you are too short to reach most of the controls.   

The bear cub was in boy heaven.  All of his strongest urges and impulsivities (heights and button pushing) where satisfied in one stop. Here he is saying "wait minute. wait minute."  That is his version of a WAIT A MINUTE, I'M NOT DONE.  

Jack was truly enjoying himself on this little excursion.  But as a mama, there is something a bit unsettling about watching your 4 year old son drive a vehicle that is used to move missiles to an aircraft.  

Jack also tried out the ejection seat.  As a test, I told him that it was real and if he pushed the red button it would blast him through the roof and into space. I wouldn't even have to tell you that he pushed the button as my final word hung in the air.  Or that he pushed it several more times because it didn't blast him through the roof as he so desperately wanted.  

 Jack has, what we call, "a little Smith" in him. Smith is my maiden name and I come from long line of thrill seekers. It's practically a genetic condition at this point. For me, it comes in the form of travel. For my sister, the hunt of a bargain. But the boys. They are different.  The first sign of this ailment is tree climbing...followed by ramp building.....bull riding.... and motor cross until it manifests itself in high school or college with motorcycles and fast cars.  Do you see what I have to look forward too?  There is a reason my mother was completely grey in her 30s.

Then there is Rosie-Roo.  Thrill seeker she is not.  She is gentle, cautious and a forward thinker.  I don't see motor cross or bull riding in her future. 

After enjoying the indoor museum we moved outside.   As the big kids plowed ahead with Cousins Mary and Kylee, the cub stayed back with Dad.  It was well past his nap time and he was moving slow.  Just as we were about to finish the day...   

They stopped to check out a really cool rock....

and Daddy laughed when Bear insisted that he keep it.  

These two. Hearts knitted from the start.  


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