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Unspoken Lessons

Our dearest Robbie gifted Jack his very own shaving kit.  With nasty weather and gloomy skies, we decided that it was time to break out this beauty for a little weekend fun.   When I asked Jack if he needed help, he said, "No, Mama! I know how to shave."  With confidence unwavering, I watched him do just that.  

He climbed onto the counter and took a good look at all of his fuzzy little whiskers.  

And maybe stole a few extra moments marveling at his handsome good looks.  

Satisfied with his inspection, Jack pumped his hands full of the good stuff!  

And with the precision of a surgeon, he lathered his mug from ear to ear.   

When I asked him where he learned to shave he said, "I've been watching Daddy shave for my whole life."   

And then he did the unthinkable.  He held his "razor" unde the sink and tapped it three times.  Now this may not sound like much to you but I literally froze.  You see, for the last 15 years I have stood side by side with my husband as we ready ourselves for work.  Dennis methodically shaves one pass at a time...followed by the rinse and tapping of his razor.  Three rhythmic taps to be precise. 

It got me thinking about the power of our actions 

and the lessons that we teach without evening knowing it. 

Watching Jack "shave" warmed my heart and reminded me that Dennis and I are the ultimate teachers...for better or worse.  It reminded me to think before acting and to approach even the smallest tasks with love and purpose.     

Just as I was about to pack away the camera, I heard Daddy coming up the stairs.  He said, "Where did you two disappear to?  I snapped this as he walked in the door.  I love it.  

Thanks for the lesson my little man.  This morning meant so much to me that I decided to edit a few for my nightstand to remind me that each day we get to be your teacher....our biggest and most important job.   

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