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Fair Oak Farms

Oh my goodness, I love GROUPON!  Don't you?

This month I stumbled upon a Groupon for Fair Oaks Farm, a large dairy and pork operation in Northern Indiana. I have wanted to go for a few years but the timing just never seemed to work out.  Well, all you have to do is say "Half-Price" and I magically have all the time in the world. Dennis and I loaded up Rosie and Jack (the littles stayed with Granny and my niece, Brittany) and headed out on an adventure.   

What makes Fair Oaks Farms unique is that it offers a hands-on experience for families along with the opportunity to see the births of calves and piglets.   There is something to do for all ages and we were surprised and pleased with this massive, eco-friendly farming operation.  

And when we needed to kill a little time before heading out to the working barns, the children enjoyed the indoor play areas.  

Rosie was fearless and Jack...

Well, he needed a little help here and there. 

The highlight of the day for the children was watching the sows give birth to the piglets.  In less than an hour they witnessed 16 little miracles..... 

And had the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the birthing process.  I know. I know.  Some of you are thinking this may be a bit graphic for children, but really they were fascinated and asked lots of appropriate questions.  As a bonus, I think it cleared up any questions about how babies are born!  

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