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Art For The Heart

A few weeks ago my friend Annie gave me a buzz and asked if I would like to spend the day with her at the art museum.  I jumped at the chance because Annie is a great conversationalist, hysterically funny and is opinionated as all get-out...making it easy to know what she is thinking and feeling.  Every girl needs a no-nonsense friend, the one who will tell you the truth, for better or worse, because she loves you.  

When it comes to art...I am not a deep thinker.  I either like it or I don't.  Annie on the other hand is artsie fartsie. She even studied "IT" in college.  Talk about being intimidated.  Hang out with an art major at an art museum for the day!  As Annie hit her groove, I found myself hitting mine.  I began taking photos of the things I love: People and Details 

The lines of the lobby chairs & the book on the coffee table.  

Annie admiring a piece of African art.

Books suspended from the ceiling. 

And a college student deep in thought. 

Over the course of a few hours we chatted about the things that connect us. A passion for orphaned children. A desire to simplify our lives. To grow in our faith.  And our bizarre fascination with period dramas on television and organic gardening. We even talked about photography and my comfort zone...hiding behind it.  That's when this happened.  An awesome reminder of a day well spent.

Photo Credit: Artsie Annie  

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