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American Girl

Labor Day weekend has been reserved for our family reunion for years.  Everyone gathers at Granny's house before lunch is served at the local park. This year, Buscia and I cooked up a plan that entailed a trip to Chicago for a girls day out! We wanted to maximize our time over the course of the weekend so we arrived on Friday evening...before the rest of the crowd!  My darling girl had a hard time sleeping, though.  She woke several times throughout the night asking, "Is it morning, yet?"

We started at the train station bright and early on Saturday where we hopped on The South Shore Line for the 1hr ride to The Windy City.  

Nervous as ever, Buscia nearly dislocated my girl's arm as I tried to snap a quick pic before boarding.  

After emerging on Michigan Ave, we were just blocks away from The American Girl Doll Store.  Our mission:  To bring home the "doll of the year"...Grace Thomas.  Oh, and to visit the salon!

You see, Kit Kittredge was in need of a new do!  Nola settled on purple extensions and a fancy braid for her girl.

Then, we cleaned house!  Not really, but it sure felt like it!

*iPhone pic courtesy of Aunt Cassie

The best part of the trip was Nola's great attitude.  She was polite, happy and didn't ask for a single thing in the store.  We walked around as she carefully considered things she would like to add to her Christmas list.  It wasn't until the end that I let her know that she would be able to bring home a new doll and pick out a few accessories to go along with it.  She was thrilled....and so was I!  I'm not sure who had more fun! 

My sweet girl.  A blessing from birth.  

Afterward, Buscia hailed a cab that took us promptly to The Rainforest cafe.  There she treated us to a fun and yummy lunch...complete with a dessert that involved a lit sparkler!  Nola was in heaven indeed.  

Here's to a fantastic girl's weekend!   

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Birthday, Bear!