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Off To School

If I had one super power and only one....it would be the ability to slow time to a measly crawl.  Because sending Kate off to school seems impossible.  This sweet girl..home just 1 year, got on the bus last week and officially started preschool.  

Up bright and early, Daddy made the final adjustments to her backpack.  

And then we waited for the big, yellow monster to turn the corner.  I almost wimped out of letting Kate ride the bus but she desperately wanted to try it.  You have to admire her bravery and sense of adventure!  

Holding a gift for her driver, Mama gave her one final pep talk about listening and being kind to others.  

Then we heard it! The bus!  With eyes locked on the target, Kate marched forward.  I was just a step behind when she turned and said, "Stop.  Me do it self."   Translation:  No, Mama. I don't need your help, but thank you for the kind offer."   Or something like that!  

And with just a fraction of a pause...

All 32inches and 25lbs of Katie-Hui climbed the stairs....

and found her seat.  And just like that my baby girl was gone.  I cried in front of our dear friends, Robbie and Fun Mary, who came to cheer her on!  I was emotional for many reasons but mostly because 1 year ago, school was not in her future.  Orphaned children from China rarely get the opportunity to go to school and now this girl...well, she is the newest member of one of the highest rated schools in the state with THE BEST preschool teacher this side of The Great Wall!  That's something to cry about.  

Next up was older sister.  Nola waited anxiously for her first official bus ride.  

As it pulled up to the stop, all the children scrambled to get on while moms and pops snapped away.   

I snagged one quick pic as Nola sat down in the front seat...right behind the driver.  Good call, sweetheart.  There are lessons being orchestrated in the backseats that I don't want you to learn quite yet. Or ever for that matter.  This tender heart is a little more cautions than her sister and had plenty of questions about the bus. Like how does the driver know where to take the children if they all go to different places?

With both girls well on their way, I zipped into school to catch a glimpse of them in their classrooms.  As I came through the back doors, I found my sweet girl in distress.  After getting off the bus, she got into a crowd of upperclassman and couldn't weave herself out of the stampede to make the turn into her hallway.  I helped her to her classroom where she was shaken and a bit unsure of herself.  Although my heart was being painfully squeezed, I knew I had to leave her.  

That seemingly simple act was one of the toughest things I've had to do.  A text from her AMAZING teacher, about 30 minutes later, let me know that she found her courage again. But the truth is, my day was filled with worry and a heavy cloud had formed over what should have been a really fun day.  Getting "lost" on the first day only happens a handful of times each year, and I can't believe Nola was one of the few. What are the chances????  

While Nola went about her day, Buscia and Granny cried on her behalf while waiting for an appointment. Aunt Cassie let the flood gates open at her corporate office and Aunt Jeannie joined the cry fest from Mississippi.  Cousin Anna texted throughout the day and Aunt Kim was left broken hearted for this girl. By the time it was said and done, our army sized family came together to pray for Nola's tender heart.   

To busy myself, I went about searching for Katie-Hui.  Her bus was delayed and I actually caught a glimpse of them pulling into school.  Do you see her???  Look between the trees...where all of the cool moms were hanging out to make sure their 3 year olds made it into the building safely. The truth is, I knew she would make it safely...I just wanted to see how my peanut was reacting to her first school experience.  

Kate never spotted me, but I did love watching her walk into the classroom.  She was fearless...never skipping a beat as she waited for instructions and started playing with the other kiddos.  

She was comfortable moving right into the first activity of the day.  

 It was a tough job but someone had to sort the fruit! 

Yeah...this girl is going to be rockstar.  Just like her older sister!  

What about Jack?  Don't worry, he starts back next week!  

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