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While The Girls Are Away

They ladies have been in school for about 2 weeks....giving me and my little men plenty of opportunities to play.  We have been swimming, to the park and most recently visited the state fair!  Giddy-Up!

Jack was more than happy to hop into a pen of newborn calves! 

He giggled as this little one nibbled and chewed at his shorts. 

Bear was terrified of the calves but I'm not sure you can blame him. Case in point: Cow Teeth!

That's scary, right?  

The goats were a little more his speed and because Jack is a professional goat feeder... he learned from the best. 

Bear kept a safe distance as he meticulously fed the goats one carrot shaving at a time.  

All that work left us hungry and looking for a treat!  And a treat we found!  On the far right you will see Meg...Jack's girlfriend.  Oh, wait.  I meant babysitter.  She makes the best funnel cake around and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to give her a hug and sample a fair favorite!

Maybe the milk shake was over doing it?  Ah....it's the fair!  Why not?

We will sneak out in the next week or so with the girlies but until then, let's keep this a secret.   

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