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Back In The Saddle

Oh, man.  I have lost my little buddy to preschool! Can you believe it?  We have had so much fun milling around town the last few weeks while the girls were in school...even sneaking off to the state fair. 

Jack headed to school this week to meet his teachers.  

He thought Mrs. W was nice.

And really funny, too!  

He loved Mrs. N's curly hair and surprised me by snuggling in close while she chatted with him. 

She told him all about Pinkie Pie and Crabby Patty. They're the hermit crabs that live in the classroom.

Oh, and Kevin.  He is the fish that lives below the hermit crabs.  

With Jack off to school that leaves just Bear and me at home.  Hmmm....wonder what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into?

Happy Birthday, Bear!

While The Girls Are Away