I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

A Man & His Sand

This kid....yeah, he's pretty great!  

His current obsessions include the human body and construction...specifically "trucks that help build things." 

I found this tiny sandbox with miniature equipment for him a few months ago.  

And recently it has become a new favorite.  

Yesterday he spent two hours on the porch.  Planning, thinking, creating...and being a kid. 

The sandbox comes out while the babies are napping.  I sit with him while sipping a cup of tea and listen as he happily talks to himself while "working."    

I giggle along as he creates all kinds of fabulous scenarios.  On this day, he was building a pet hospital but the dump truck accidently bumped into it, knocking it down.  All of the animals escaped, taking the dump truck with them!  

Other times he is serious and talks himself through the steps needed to complete the job his is working on.

Here the loader was filling up the dump truck with corn for a haul to the farm.  

This kid doesn't know it but he is walking around with my heart in his pocket.  I'm crazy about him.

While The Girls Are Away

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